A collection of tools that maybe useful to people learning or teaching Chinese. You will find tools for converting pinyin with numbers to pinyin with tone marks, stroke order animations, Chinese button links, and more.

Pinyin Converter

Instantly convert pinyin using numbers into pinyin with tone markers, for example Zhong1wen2 becomes Zhōngwén.

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Learn Pinyin

Listen to all the sounds and tones in Mandarin while learning the pinyin spelling system. Includes a table of all sounds and tones as well as an introduction to initial and final sound combinations with accompanying sound recordings.

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Writing Practice

Need to get some practice writing new characters introduced in Integrated Chinese 3rd edtition volumes 1 and 2? This page has pdf files you can print out for writing practice.

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Stroke Order

Are you writing that character correctly? Check the stroke order and definition for any Chinese character.

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Counting, Maths & Measure Words

This simple page uses the old Chinese nursery rhyme "数青蛙[shù qīngwā]-Counting Frogs" to practice numbers, simple addition and measure words. Count the mouths, eyes and legs on various numbers of frogs.

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