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Lesson 20-1 Study Guide
At the Airport

(Click to view stroke sequence animation.)

  • Learn the pinyin and correct stroke order for the 7 characters introduced in lesson 20-1.
  • Learn the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 20-1. You can practice with the online Table Building Activity.
New Vocabulary
 Chinese Pinyin English
行李 xíngli luggage 
托运 tuōyùn to check (luggage) 
 bāo bag; sack; bundle; package 
箱子 xiāngzi suitcase; box 
超重 chāozhòng to be overweight (of luggage, freight, etc.) 
 chāo to exceed; to surpass 
登机牌 dēngjīpái boarding pass 
 kǒu opening; entrance; mouth 
  to cry; to weep 
 de (particle to link adverbial and verb) 
照顾 zhàogu to look after; to care for; to attend to 
起飞 qǐfēi to take off (of airplanes) 
小心 xiǎoxīn to be careful 
一路平安 yī lù píng'ān have a good trip; bon voyage