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Lesson 17-2 Study Guide
Calling About an Apartment for Rent

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  • Learn the pinyin and correct stroke order for the 18 characters introduced in lesson 17-2.
  • Learn the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 17-2. You can practice with the online Table Building Activity.
New Vocabulary
 Chinese Pinyin English
一房一厅 yī fáng yī tīng one bedroom and one living room 
干净 gānjìng clean 
沙发 shāfā sofa 
饭桌 fànzhuō dining table 
椅子 yǐzi chair 
书桌 shūzhuō desk 
书架 shūjià bookshelf; bookcase 
那里 nàli there 
安静 ānjìng quiet 
房租 fángzū rent (the money paid in exchange for renting a house or apartment) 
 yuán (measure word for the basic Chinese monetary unit); yuan 
美元 měiyuán U.S. currency; U.S. dollar 
人民币 rénmínbì Chinese currency; RMB; renminbi 
人民 rénmín the people 
差不多 chàbuduō almost; nearly; similar 
 fèi fee; expenses 
押金 yājīn security deposit 
 dāng to serve as; to be 
 huán to return (something) 
另外 lìngwài furthermore; in addition 
 zhǔn to allow; to be allowed 
 yǎng to raise 
宠物 chǒngwù pet 
兴趣 xìngqù interest