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Lesson 13-2 Study Guide
Going to Chinatown

(Click to view stroke sequence animation.)

  • Learn the pinyin and correct stroke order for the 12 characters introduced in lesson 13-2.
  • Learn the new vocabulary introduced in lesson 13-2. You can practice with the online Table Building Activity.
New Vocabulary
 Chinese Pinyin English
 guo (particle used after a verb to indicate a past experience) 
中国城 zhōngguóchéng Chinatown 
 chéng town; city 
地图 dìtú map 
  to take; to get 
  (measure word for frequency) 
 cóng from 
一直 yìzhí straight; continuously 
 wǎng towards 
 nán south 
路口 lùkǒu intersection 
西  west 
 guǎi to turn 
 āi (exclamatory particle to express surprise or dissatisfaction) 
 dōng east 
 běi north 
 qián forward; ahead 
红绿灯 hónglǜdēng traffic light 
 dēng light 
 yòu right 
 zuǒ left 
前面 qiánmian ahead; in front of 
日文 rìwén Japanese (language) 
东京 dōngjīng Tokyo 
日本 rìběn Japan 
 guò to pass